Thriving during the holidays with Trauma Informed Strength Training!

There is no singular path for a specific trauma informed strength training method. It is not a regulated practice but that makes my work exciting, as I continuously deepen my knowledge as a social worker, and personal coach by orienting to different forms of this work.

What does that mean?

It means I am continuously educating myself, through applications of different theories within social work and exercise science. To use these various methodologies with my clients I am learning that my work usually involves helping people learn to do less and not more.

I found through my own personal experience that you can heal trauma with weight training. It doesn't need to be yoga and meditation.

My work uses both restorative yoga and strength training to solve the unresolved traumatic symptoms, through moving in ways that empower and build muscles, such as barbells, dumbbells, and kettle bells.

Working with a trauma informed lens I use strength training actions that are adaptive to help understand my clients nervous system responses.

Most people who have undergone high states of stress and trauma become disenchanted in their bodies, and their nervous system responses to stress are not fully realized. Educating my clients on creating a resilient nervous system, through the use of PolyVagal theory generates a new awareness of self, and their body and the doors can then open to healing trauma.

My mission is to get clients moving from survival mode into thriving mode!

5 Simple steps to thriving:

  1. Move everyday!

  2. Write out a gratitude list daily 1-2 things to acknowledge your privilege

  3. Get connected! phone a friend or family member

  4. Eat healthy and nourishing foods for your body

  5. Self-care is not selfish! Take one day out of the week carve it out just for you

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