The hardest worker in the room

I always felt that being the hardest worker in the room, was what would give me validation for being so dedicated as trainer. I was wrong. This Mindset set me back mentally. I had weak boundaries around my work. I suffered burnout, and compassion fatigue. I had to find an antidote to avoid me believing this socially acceptable mindset. I needed to take a step back from saying yes, and allow myself to say no. Allowing myself to take rest days, and being ok without doing anything. This was not easy because my body adapted to this way of living, and it took time, patience, curiosity, and consistency.

I now strive for a more balanced lifestyle, one that creates balance with my energy, so I am not drained all the time, and having this new boundary came along with it compassion satisfaction in my work and my personal life. I feel more whole, and balanced as coach which means I can provide the best experience for my clients.

Here are some stress reducing buffers that you can incorporate to avoid burnout:

  • Employing stress management techniques in your organization such as team building activities, and physical movement.

  • Learn to reframe situations to focus on the positive

  • Create opportunities to spend time with family and friends

  • Develop strategies to change a topic if you find yourself ruminating about work

  • Ensure you immerse yourself with hobbies, projects, and other fun activities that you can experience joy doing!

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