Let’s dive into this concept of perfectionism.

It’s the idea of who we believe ourselves to be, and it’s an overcompensation for low self worth.

Its a belief that if I show up as perfect then I can “ be enough” or “worthy”. For some this unworthiness is a subconscious belief, which means it is out of our awareness.

We do it out of habit. Perfectionism can also show up as a way of self protection. It’s a way to cope with our low self-worth. This belief has been conditioned in us at an early age such as “follow the rules“, or “don’t show your authentic self“ we were taught that if we did not show up to be perfect we would not get the care, and the attention that we needed as children. As adults perfectionism is an unhealthy need for control. With low self-esteem you want to control everything, and that includes other humans.

If you have high self-worth you are not afraid of uncertainty, and can give up control freely.

Some behaviours that might be driving your perfectionism into adulthood: •All or nothing thinking •Become defensive •Procrastination •Driven by fear Fear limits your ambition from enjoying the process. Giving up unhealthy perfectionism allows your life to change. A gentle reminder that it’s impossible to be perfect 100% of the time. ☝️

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