Do you self abandon?

What parts of you do you extinguish to be convenient to someone else?

I used to believe that I needed to mould myself to someone to feel whole and complete.

I never felt completely safe in my in my body. Due to my past traumas this was inevitable, I would self abandon continuously to please others in order to feel worthy.

The truth I came to realize is I'm already whole and complete without needing anyone in my life to meet my own needs.

It was a hard truth to swallow. This truth was the most transformative and liberating. Most things that are hard and challenging are the ones that transform us the most. My past self would have done 1000 Burpee's than face this truth.

But nothing outside of me could distract me enough to honour the unsettling desire for expressing who I truly am in my life.

I realized over time that this voice, Is not the voice that is me. It is built from the systems that we live in. The oppression, supremacy, and the entitlement that this world consistently creates through westernized capitalism. The desire for MORE.

We need to start challenging these systems. It starts by saying "no" and rising into our light to not conform to these rules that we need MORE to be happy. These rules society makes make no sense.

Photo by Bree Lion

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