Context and Inclusion within fitness

Recognizing my context is important as a trauma informed strength coach. The fitness industry tends to bypass context with clients and limit inclusion.

By allowing context and inclusion I show my client respect and humility. Rather than just a paycheque.

With respect and humility it allows a shift in perspective seeking to understand my clients. Meeting them where they're at.

Remember that people don't fit into boxes. And I find that the fitness industry tends to place lots of clients into boxes where they don't fit.

In order to remove these unconscious biases and reducing the stereotypes that we may have internalize throughout our environment and influences we can take these simple steps.

  1. Acknowledge we have biases

  2. Unconscious biases can impact our behaviour

  3. The key is to recognize and manage our biases through self reflection

  4. Actively listening to others without our own interpretation of what they're telling us can be helpful to open up our Blindspot's.

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