Building Strong Women

As a trauma informed strength coach and registered social worker, I also run an online fitness business called Lean Gainers.

Lean Gainers is an online fitness community that is recognizing the importance of advocating for women. Making them stronger not just physically but mentally.

I am an advocate for building strong humans from all backgrounds. However I have a stronger focus on building stronger women identified Individuals.

WHY do I focus on building strong women-identified individuals? According to McKenzie & Wharf (2016), Graham, J., Swift, J.K., & Delaney, R. (2012) and Statistics Canada (2017):

  • Women experience inequalities and participation with paid labor, programs and benefits and they experience pay in equality much greater than their male identified counterparts.

  • Women were not recognized as "persons" under English common law and were excluded from voting rights in the dominion election act in 1906.

  • Women experience gender based violence and sexual harassment much greater than their male identified counterparts.

  • Women experience higher poverty rates, particularly among single mothers

If you want to bring in more agency, in your life building not just stronger muscles but an overall stronger life, mentality and emotionally. I want to talk!

Direct message me on here, to book in your consultation towards a life of empowerment and build a stronger you in your life.

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