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I am a CrossFit coach and trauma-informed social worker. My focus is on helping people overcome trauma and find their strength through lifting weights. Being a registered social worker provides my clients with a trauma-informed, anti-oppressive approach that empowers my clients to feel stronger, and more competent in the gym. 


My focus with my clients is making them more robust physically, and mentally. I do this by creating programs that build on your mental fitness, and meet you where you are at!


My mission is to create a safe inclusive space through a body-positive lens free of homophobia, transphobia, and fatphobia. To build on your strengths so you can live a fully authentic, and conscious life. Building strength, and moving in ways that are pleasurable opens access to your emotions, and unlocks your full potential through the intelligence of your body. 

I offer customized coaching programs for online and in-person style engagements.

These are offered in a variety of methods that include in-studio or virtual delivery. 

My current certifications include:

CF-L1  CrossFit Coach

CPT     Personal Trainer 

Social Worker, RSW, BSW

TI-PT  Trauma-Informed Personal Trainer 

MFT    Movement for Trauma coach 

WAG   Certified Nutrition Coach 



How I Can Help

Are you interested in connecting and learning more? 

Send me a quick email using the contact form down below with any inquiries or dates to set up an assessment to get you started with one of my services!  


*Insurance coverage may be applicable and cover most costs. 

My current services are


Online or in-person Trauma-Informed Movement Sessions

I work within my scope while using a trauma-informed lens as we consult with an assessment.

After the consult, we will start your personalized training session.

These sessions can be online or in person depending on where you are located. 

Email me below to book your 15-minute Free discovery call to see if this is a good fit!  

Hi, I'm Lisa Radz!

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